// Could it be //

My thoughts while participating in the horrible act of running, but in that dreadful process discovering that Manhattan Cafe now serves brunch. Sorry for the slightly over a week delay on da blog. I’ve been all over the place at work and started Making a Murderer. Surely you understand. To the blog! Two big things up in … More // Could it be //

Surprisingly fast

How I would describe the speed of the trolley pub when going down a hill of any size. // Raleigh Rose Garden // I kicked off last Saturday with what I thought would be the costume sale at the Raleigh Little Theater. Little did I know that the website was wrong and the date and day … More Surprisingly fast

Freakin’ Weekend

I’ve seen a few more goings on that I wanted to share for the weekend. Friday, October 9: CAM Raleigh is doing a First Friday repeat today due to the hurricane last weekend. Features: Free Admission 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. New Exhibit! Sarah Cain’s The Imaginary Architecture of Love. (I’ve heard this is gorgeous. … More Freakin’ Weekend