// Raleigh Roundup – December 2019 //

Hey friends – popping in for another quick #RaleighRoundup of some of my faves from Raleigh from the past month. If you’re new, this is the very new post series I’m doing where I highlight some old and new faves in town!

  1. Taste

I went to dinner at Taste (between Five Points and Whitaker Mill) earlier this month, and it was such a treat! Great small plates and lots of drink specials. Check out their Instagram before you go, because you can get some great deals on a nice meal on a weeknight.

I LOVE small plates, so this spot was perfect. My fave small plate method: decide how many you want, and then each person gets to go around the table and order the plate they want most! You get to try something new and everyone’s happy! Collusion is certainly encouraged with this method, so definitely team up with your best pal to make sure you get all the plates you want.

2. Crafty Beer

Here’s another Five Point fave! I regularly forget that Crafty Beer is tucked away over there in Five Points, but they usually have a great draft and can list. They also serve wine by the bottle and glass! For all you North Raleigh peeps, check out their Lafayette Village Location if you’re into heading #northofthewall

3. Alimentari at Left Bank

Okay, this spot might be my fave on this list because, like Oprah, I too believe that carbs are life.

Alimentari is a fresh pasta and butchery counter located in the corner of Transfer Co. Food Hall (next to Dank Burrito). We went to Transfer the other night for dinner, and tried the very popular tigelle I’ve seen all over social media. These bad boys are basically tiny sandwiches filled with cured meats and delicious cheeses. Highly recommend.

We ended up coming back the next night to get their homemade pasta to go. The bucatini was $5 a pound, which I think is a great price! Plus, they sell homemade sauces you can snag as well.

Last thing: don’t sleep on the little stuffed peppers in the case. My gawd.

4. King’s Bowl North Hills

Full disclosure, I had not been to King’s Bowl until last week. We went after my holiday work lunch and it was a blast. Plus, there is something for everyone here. We had some people hanging by the bar, some people playing arcade games, and others (me) winning every game of pool due to literally no talent on my part and serious errors on the parts of others. We wrapped up the night at King’s with a game of bowling (I’m also horrifyingly bad at bowling, but what can I say, I love a group activity!).

5. Shred 4/15

I had the chance to check out the new Shred 4/15, located at the bottom of the Dillon a few weeks back. What a fun workout with excellent instructors. This one is kind of similar to Orange Theory, but I enjoyed it more. You do 15 minutes of treadmill, 15 minutes of weights, and repeat. High energy and super fun. I love that we are getting some more niche workout studios here in Raleigh.

If you saw my post on Instagram with #nofilter, you know that this workout was a great one! Okay fine I’ll throw this beauty up here again for reference.

You don’t get this level of absolute tomato face without some hard work guys. Maybe someday you’ll be as fit as me, such that you, too, can look like you’re having a heart attack at all times. Good luck!

That’s the roundup for this month! Seriously hope everyone had a great holiday. I’m back in town for a few weekends, and looking forward to some general Raleighing around!



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