// Hopscotch Recap Day 2 //

Still rocking and rolling over here guys, but, got to admit I’ll be moving a little slower over here for day 3. Writing this from an Uber on our way to the VIP brunch because #time.

Yesterday kicked off for me at 4 with the VIP party at Junction West. LOVED this party. There was tons of food from Neomonde and drinks from the same sponsors from day 1. My fave was the Paloma with Bedlam vodka! So tasty.

I always enjoy Junction West as a space in general, but really loved how they opened up their event room and decorated the space with cool boho style sitting areas. The band playing the party was also great. Well worth it.

After the party I scooted over to Poole’side pies after hubs spotted Ashley Christensen’s post about their pop up. I’ll write on this more later, but suffice it to say that it was delicious.

We spent most of our night hopping between City Plaza and Red Hat. This was the first night we got to enjoy the VIP Oak Lounge and it was nice! Separate bar, places to sit, and food. They also let everyone use drink tickets from night one as well so that was cool. Also clutch and much needed: free water.

Highlights were Orville Peck, Dirty Projectors, and OF COURSE the QUEEN Jenny Lewis. Loved her so so much. Definitely put her on your must see list.

After James Blake we ran over to Pour House to see Dee White and he did not disappoint. This guy’s voice is just wonderful. I’m also glad we got there a bit early since he went on early!

Dee White

Since the Watson Twins graced us with their presence during Jenny Lewis’ set, we decided to go over the Lincoln to see Caroline Rose. She was cool, but Lincoln was SO packed it was hard to really get into it.

Finished off the night with Strange Ranger at Slim’s!

Seriously another great day at Hopscotch. Now time to get that rally cap on for day 3!



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