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Hey pals,

Wanted to pop on here and share some info about the not so new, but new to me, clean beauty spot in Cameron Village: Aillea Beauty. I had the chance to go get a facial from them last week and it was, in a word, ah-mazing.

I’ve personally been on a quest to change over more of my skincare and makeup to “clean” products. I put the word clean in quotes, because my research has shown me that what qualifies as clean is fairly confusing. This all started after I listened to Indie Lee on the Bad on Paper podcast (one of my faves by the way). Long story short, everything we put on our skin is full of chemicals and terrible and will likely kill us along with everything else that is trying to kill us! What a treat!

That said, there are way to (slowly in my case) work on getting cleaner products. I would (as always) recommend going local with it and checking out Aillea and having their experts help you clean your act up. As fate would have it, they also carry Indie Lee products! Plus, totally worth a pop in because their space is lovely!

This smelled amazing!

As for my facial, it was a dream. Miriah Walters was my aesthetician. I left with my skin feeling so smooth and glowy! Exhibit A:

Such beauty. Much glow. Where her eyelashes tho?

I think a facial is the best way to get great, pricey products on your face that you probably can’t afford on your own. One of the products she used on my face had diamonds in it you guys. Diamonds. Another had 1,000 crushed Bulgarian roses. That’s not even a joke I made up to sound hilarious, that is real. It’s called Kypris and it exists and it’s been on my peasant face. I left feeling like a Hadid (Gigi, Bella, Yolanda take your pick). Here are some of the products she used:

If you head into Aillea right now, they’re doing some great specials. If you spend $175 you get a Fall Beauty Bonus with a bunch of clean beauty samples, and some full size products.

Also, for the month of August, you can get a 50 minute facial for $70.

Highly recommend this spot for changing up your face/makeup routine. Good luck fixing your face y’all!





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