// Vita Vite Midtown //

Well hey there.

Yes – that’s right everyone I, Lindsay Underwood, am writing a blog post. It’s best for everyone if you just straight up don’t even look at the date on my last blog post. That way, we can all pretend like I’m a good blogger.

Wellllll I’ve clearly taken a full hiatus from writing actual posts, but there is a wonderful new opening that requires an announcement: Vita Vite Midtown (affectionately knowns as #VV2).

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are well aware of my love for Vita Vite’s downtown location. I am a frequent attender of the book club the owner Lindsay (hooray for the correct name spelling) hosts, not to mention just a regular visitor for standard wine drinking purposes. There’s nothing like having the perfect cozy spot for grabbing a glass of vino and an olive plate with your gal pals.

Even better, this post is here to announce the brand NEW location of Vita Vite. This means more art, more nooks, more books, and, most importantly, more wine!


I had the chance to check out this spot a few weeks ago for a little sneak peek action, and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations on all fronts. First off, this two-story location is tucked away in North Hills, right under the new Park Central apartments. Perfect location for hanging out at Midtown Green to catch a show, or for grabbing wine after a workout in North Hills (what you don’t immediately eliminate your workout right after you do it? Just me?). I’m basically buying stock Vita Vite, since the Midtown location is right next to my office, and the downtown location is right next to my house.

I also love that this location has its own personality, but you can still feel the original Vita Vite vibes (gorgeous tile, stellar art, fireplaces around every corner). Next, (as I hinted to above), VV2 is two stories, meaning there’s plenty of space to relax and chat with friends. There’s also a bar on each floor, which will make it so much easier to grab a drink (Lord knows I hate having to get my steps in)!

Check out the pics below, and make sure to head over to Vita Vite Midtown on Sunday September 9, at 1 p.m. to raise a glass for the opening!

Bright + open space at the downstairs bar (and TWO fireplaces – seen below)
Upstairs art
One of the many upstairs seating areas
Stalking people down below from the upstairs bar
Am I the only one obsessed with tile bathroom art?
This is from the upstairs bathroom – all of these photos were taken by the owner during her travels! Swoon! 
Last, but not least, this gorgeous view of North Hills! 

Over the next few weekends there are a ton of fun events going on around Raleigh. Check out my list below:

Let’s hope I can keep this actual post thing going, but, if not, see y’all around town, on Instagram, and back here again in a year.


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