Pizza La Stella – Brunch Edition

Happy Sunday y’all! Today it really feels like summer in Raleigh. I know this, because I worked up a a not so normal sweat during a 15 minute walk with the #notoriousRED. What a time to be alive. Time to start wearing my hair up everyday and carrying multiple napkins for perspiration purposes. #glam

This week’s post is brought to you by one of my new FAVE brunches in Raleigh. PLUS (you’re welcome) I’m here to bestow upon you the perfect Father’s Day plan: Pizza La Stella Brunch. Go ahead and make your reservation now (I’ll wait) and then read this post. I got you.

// Brunch //

This brunch is well named.

Last week Zach and I headed to Pizza La Stella to try out their new brunch menu. As any sane person knows, the only way to celebrate an event (Father’s Day, Graduation, Getting out of Bed in the Morning, etc.) is brunch. It truly heals all wounds.

Even on the surface, PLS’ brunch is delish + a bargain (lookin’ at you bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s), but once you really dig in, there are some truly spectacular dishes.

Let’s start at the beginning.

We arrived at PLS and immediately put in an order for a Bloody Mary (duh) and the Chicken and Waffles pizza. I have a hard time finding a Bloody Mary that’s spicy enough for me, but this one was delish! I didn’t even have to add salt, pepper, or hot sauce.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beam of light shining across my table? A bloggers dream! 

The Chicken and Waffles pizza was a must have, with cinnamon sugar dough, fluffy eggs, apple-soaked chicken, + maple black pepper syrup, it was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Also loved that the chicken still had it’s crunch, with the fluffiness of the eggs. Perf.

Oh don’t forget the pancetta. 
This could be your man’s hand. Next to this delish pizza. Just go already!

We followed up the pizza with some wood-fired wings. I was skeptical when it came to having wings for brunch, but the chef uses the same pepper maple sauce that is featured on the chicken and waffles pizza. Even Zach, who is not much of a wing person, loved them!

Oh, and there’s a powdered sugar topping. Because of course there is.

Even after these couple dishes, there was still more to try. We went with a Waffle-which (only in the south – I love this place), a sandwich made from cheddar stuffed waffles from Smash Waffles, with house-made pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Plus – don’t forget the fried egg.


This entree option was super savory and rich. I LOVED the BBQ sauce on the pork. The waffles were a little dry, but the BBQ sauce made up for it. The best way to describe the sauce is super smoky and creamy. Loved it.

Now on to my FAVE entree option. Have to say here that Zach did not think he would like this one, but we ended up devouring it. I give you: Bloody Mary’s Revenge.


This skillet is packed with jalapeño (but it’s not too spicy), Blood Mary vodka sauce, peppers, and Italian Sausage. It’s then topped with two fried eggs. The whole skillet was just really fresh and tasty. I asked specifically about what cheese was used, since it tasted so cheesy and rich, but it was just plain ole cheddar cheese. The more I eat (which as y’all know is quite a bit) the more I realize that basic, fresh ingredients are the way to go. This dish was the shining star for me. Huge noms alert. This is one that I’ll regularly crave.

Our last dish was wayyyy too sweet for me, but if you have a sweet tooth to the Xtreme, this is for you.

Chip Chip Hooray.

The last thing I absolutely have to highlight is the perfect cocktail for Dad’s Day, Grad’s Day, or Saturday: the Breakfast in Bed.


This cocktail features Crown Maple, RumChata, cinnamon syrup, egg white, and French Toast Crunch. Literally, you guys, it’s the taste you can see. I initially thought this would be super sweet, but it was actually a subtle sweetness, with a nice cinnamon edge. Highly recommend!

Look at that happy dude up there. I mean. Can you get much better than that? Is there a better review or testimonial? No. There is not.

Now that you’ve fully read this post, it’s time to make those reservations. I was so happy with this brunch and I know you guys will love it. Check out their website here.




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