// Brixx – Parkside Town Commons //

Good evening Raleighwood! Wanted to jump on with a quick post to talk about my recent visit to Brixx pizza in Cary (noms), AND to share news about our move. Zach and I just bought a townhouse in Cameron Village! So stoked to get to explore a new part of town. Tonight we took advantage of our new locale and checked out $5 burger Tuesdays at Cameron Bar + Grill. Highly recommend if you’re looking to get a cheap, decent burger. Already bestowing wisdom. Crushing it. You’re welcome.

// Brixx //

A little bit ago Zach and I headed out to Cary to check out Brixx’s new Spring menu at their Parkside location. They have two locations in Cary – Parkside Town Commons and Bradford Shops.

I’m sure you’ve seen a few Brixx locations around town. They have a solid menu that centers around pizza, salad, pasta, and local beer. Can’t really go wrong with those noms. The Parkside location has a great patio to help you bring in the summer! Also, they have a ton of daily specials. The top two in my opinion are half-priced bottles of wine on Sundays and $2.50 craft drafts Mondays!

The new Spring menu focuses on house-made food with fresh ingredients. We kicked off our meal with the pimento cheese appetizer. Fresh pimento cheese with house made pita chips.

X marks the spot

We hastily devoured the app and moved on to the entrees. We went with a wood-fired pizza, something Brixx is known for. Ya’ll know I love wood-fired errryyything. We went with a classic, the Bronx Bomber, a pie topped with spicy italian sausage, prosciutto, mozzarella & gorgonzola on a tomato sauce base.


We also went with a super healthy (jk, the opposite of that) Shrimp Carbonara. This penne dish is tossed in alfredo sauce and topped with bacon, sundried tomatoes, and shrimp.


Don’t worry, our waiter let us know that most people don’t get dessert after those first entrees, but I’m not really in the game of quitting, so….


We finished off the meal with the salted caramel crunch cookie pie. I love all things sweet and salty, so any dessert topped with salt is right up my alley. This hit the spot after pizza. Don’t worry, I had plenty of room, especially since there is a different stomach reserved for salty cookie pies.

Before I conclude, I have to share some info about the good Brixx is doing in the community! Brixx participates in local fundraising events with schools and nonprofits. They also serve primarily draft beers to help eliminate landfill waste + they’re super serious about recycling. LOVE!

Now all that’s left, is to get out and support your local Brixx!

Cheers ya’ll!



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