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What an exciting day to be in DTR. I kicked off the morning by heading to Good Morning America’s Deals & Steals on Wheels (unnecessarily long name in my opinion – apparently Dr. Seuss is writing Michael Strahan’s jokes) to rep for Raleigh and support local business! If you don’t know, D&S (much better) travels to cities around the U.S. and encourages people to #shoplocal by spotlighting a couple local businesses and partnering with them to offer “deals & steals” on the items. If you’re curious about the offers up for today, or the Raleigh businesses that were featured, click here.

Now that I’ve had a taste of stardom (literally one second of camera time), I’m ready to go back to nomming on delicious food and not worrying about whether the camera is adding 10 pounds. Check it.


Jimmy V’s

Last week the hubs and I headed to Jimmy V’s to try out their brand new wood-fired menu. You guyssss I’m thinking back to this meal right now and salivating. There was SO much food and it was seriously so good. I had only been to Jimmy V’s once before, long before the blog was a thing, and I think I got a pizza. But people, there is more. So much more. (Oh, and the pizza is still good.)

Let me start by saying, we got the straight up royal treatment and tried errrything. I’m not exaggerating. We ate like 15 apps by my count, okay maybe slight exaggeration, but you’re still going to hate me when you see these pics. I also want to point out that the service was stellar. Our waitress went above and beyond for us. I want to be her best friend. Well, let’s dive in here. So much time, so little to do. Strike that. Reverse it. 

Let’s start at the beginning, and arguably, best part of any meal: the apps.

We eased into the meal with the warm, homemade bread with an olive oil dip + balsamic vinegar + some kind of tomato bruschetta. We also started off with some local beers, of which I failed to take pictures. Great draft selection though. I had the White Street Brewing Hoptimist and Zach had the Kolsch.

Solid start.

We quickly moved on (nice way of saying we devoured an entire loaf of bread) to the Arancini, a ball of goodness packed with truffle cheddar risotto with an aioli sauce. Now that I’ve eaten this dish I’ve seen it on a few other menus. I had nothing to compare it to, but I thought it was bomb.


Honestly I wanted more of this risotto ball (the standard serving comes with 4!), but the Chefs were on our side when it came to getting us through the meal without going full Violet Beauregarde. Wow, two Willy Wonka references in one post, clearly I’m feeling wild this evening.

We then moved on to my FAVORITE app of the night: crab dip.

Bless up.

When I lived in Winston-Salem, we would always go to this place called Village Tavern. Whenever I wasn’t at Tavern, I was dreaming about their crab dip. Up to this point, I hadn’t had another crab dip that could rival it. Until now…. dun dun dunnnn. This dip wasn’t overwhelmingly crabby, but also not overwhelmingly cheesy. The added spinach and artichoke evened everything out nicely. PLUS it comes with pizza chips, which literally just means the chips are made out of pizza crusts. I should also note that this dip is wood-fired. Look at that crisp. LOOK AT IT.

Before we moved on to the entrees, we had to come back down from the carbo-cheddar load and have a little palate cleanser.

Burrata Caprese

This salad dish was a real standout to me because it had the best heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever had. Not really a reflection on Jimmy V’s prep (sorry guys), but really on the Farmer’s Market, which is where they came from! I couldn’t get enough and ate Zach’s as well. Every time I eat delicious tomatoes I think about how I didn’t like them for so much of my life. So depressing. All the tomatoes I missed. Ugh. Side note: the basil on the salad is grown on the restaurant’s rooftop garden. Presh.

Oh wow. Great post Linds. Thanks for all that food info…

WAIT. Guys. Not even at the entrees yet. Yea. I was serious about this meal. On we go.


Next, we moved on to the 5 cheese wood-fired pizza. Usually the pizza is pretty basic, but I will say this was elevated for me due to the addition of the gorgonzola cheese, which you don’t usually see in a pizza. It wasn’t too overwhelming like we initially expected. Reference: Zach hates bleu cheese, but loved it!

My fave entree was the smoked chicken ravioli. Three main reasons: (1) bacon, (2) ricotta, (3) cream sauce. The ravioli was a little smokey because of the chicken and corn. So tasty.

I want this right now. NOW. 

Our second entree was the fish of the day. This go around it was Mahi-Mahi, but it changes depending on the season! Highly recommend this one if you’re a fish person. Zach is more into fish than me, but it was really well done. Honestly, I think I enjoyed it 10x more because it was fired up in that wood-burning stove. Makes everything so much better.



I can now tell you that that concludes the main courses. We finished things of with a taster of the homemade limoncello and split the bread pudding. The limoncello is not too sweet, and is a nice addition to the end of a meal. The bread pudding was not my favorite, but I love that it’s also rotating and seasonal based on the in season fruit.

I call this photo “Romantically cheersing, but actually thinking how we’re going to walk home with our pants unbuttoned.”


Overall, our meal was wonderful. Highlights are the wood-fired crab dip, the smoked chicken pasta, and the wood-fired fish of the day. One other plus about dining at Jimmy V’s: 2.5% of all the profits go to the V Foundation for cancer research. Delish noms + a good cause? Get over there and bank some karma!

Now that this post is almost over I can share a photo taken in real time of a human post-Jimmy V’s dinner, when she realizes she has leftovers.


Cheers ya’ll.


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