// Brewery Bhavana //

Guess who’s back. Back again.

It’s me. I’m back. I’ll level with you guys… I have not written a blog post for like 2 months because I simply did not want to upload pictures. New level of lazy if you ask me. I’m kind of impressed with myself. I guess I really just needed something to bring me out of this blog haze. A little motivator, if you will. Well, it’s here. The long awaited opening of Brewery Bhavana.


This new spot is brought to you from the geniuses behind Bida Manda, everyone’s fave Raleighwood restaurant. Don’t worry, it was just as great as we all expected it would be. Like I don’t even need to write this right now. That’s how good it is. Oh well. I’m writing it it. You can’t stop me.

First off, this place is overwhelmingly beautiful. Like, seriously, I was just startled at how bright and open the space was. Next, I cannot believe this idea was executed so flawlessly. The brewery is so much more than that. It’s a brewery, dim sum joint, book shop, and florist, all wrapped into one.

This. place. has. everything.  Check it.


Zach and I checked out this fab new spot last weekend. Let me start with the main event: the brew itself. I will be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for the beer. I am the one who doubts. Not sure why I ever doubted, because at this point I should legit trust the Bida Manda peeps with my firstborn. The beer was AMAZING. I expect to see some of these brews on award lists in no time.


I was in a hoppy mood that night, so I went with two IPAs. The first, on their standard menu, was Grove, a double IPA. It was absolutely delicious. The next, Pithy, was on their rotating menu. It was also delish. Possibly two of my favorite IPAs in town. Hoppy, crisp, refreshing, and… juice? If that makes sense?

Zach had the Wilt, a cherrywood-smoked quad, and the Foeder-Aged Imperial Stout. Holy moly you guys. Zach said the stout was one of the best beers he’s ever had. I kid you not when I say this place is legit for beer lovers.

Apparently had a freudian-type love for this angle of photos. Awkward.

Next, came the food. We ordered solely from the small plates menu. We tried the Pork Bao, Soup Dumplings, Duck Eggrolls, and Jiaozi Chicken Dumplings. The Pork Bao and Soup Dumplings were the true heroes. HOW DO THEY GET SOUP INTO A DUMPLING!? Wizardry. What a time to be alive. The chicken dumplings were good, but I wasn’t in love with them. Can’t wait to go back and try the main dishes!


This table though…what a dream.

Let’s face it. The Bida Manda folks did it again. This place is an absolute dream. Honestly, I don’t want to be a total hype beast (but I will), but I feel like this is the type of place that puts a city on the map. 10/10 will be in a Buzzfeed article this year. Callin’ it.

// Bare Bones Beer Dinner//

Before I jet I wanted to highlight an upcoming beer month event. If you’ve been living under a rock Patrick Star style, April is North Carolina Beer Month. This means all of your fave restaurants and bars are shining a spotlight on NC Beers. Better yet, lots of restaurants are prepping special menus complete with beer pairings.

One of the beer dinners I’m super jazzed about is the Bare Bones East vs. West Dinner coming up on April 24.

Check it


That’s right. This beer dinner brings you a generous meal complete with a four course dinner showcasing an East versus West showdown (ideally with less gang signs). Yes, you read that correctly. Two dishes per course. I love this idea. It’s an interesting take on the standard beer dinner, and you get the opportunity to try tons of different types of food. PLUS, Deep River Brewing is the paired beer. These are the same peeps that bring us hits like Mango Tango Foxtrot, Pumpkin Pie Porter, and Double D’s Watermelon Lager (to name some of my faves).

Tickets are only $50, which includes your beer, dinner, tax, and tip. Don’t forget to snag your tix before they’re gone. To buy a ticket, head here. Hope to see you all there!

As always, cheers. If you want to follow along with me during beer month, friend me on Untappd at WelcometoRaleighwood. My profile pic is me eating a doritos locos taco. Duh.


2 thoughts on “// Brewery Bhavana //

  1. I always appreciate posts like this! I love good food and good drinks in addition! Thanks for the post! It is one of the reasons that I moved here even going so far as the build the home of my dreams here.


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