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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LuLaRoe. Although I was compensated by LuLaRoe with a payment, product, or something else of value in exchange for writing this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

What’s up people of Raleigh. Hope everyone had a great holiday and solid New Year. We headed to Emerald Isle with my Ohio family for some much needed R + R. We played a healthy amount of Settlers of Catan and read many a book, whilst the Notorious RED frolicked in the ocean with his Uncle Earl Scruggs (my parents’ American Bulldog). All was right in the world.

Before we headed out of town, we checked out Royale, the new hot spot in City Market. Check it.

/ Royale / 


To celebrate our lives in general, the hubs and I headed over to Royale for some upscale french dining. Royale moved into the old Batistella’s space in City Market a few weeks back. I never ate at Batistella’s, so I can’t offer anything by way of decor or quality comparison. My deepest apologies.

Heading to Royale was a last minute decision, so we didn’t have reservations. It was a Thursday night and the restaurant was packed with about 2 hour wait. Love seeing packed restaurants in Raleigh! Fortunately, they have some great first come, first serve bar seating.

We grabbed some appetizers at Parkside, so we headed straight to the main courses (with one minor detour). We started out with a small plate of boulted baguette + compound butter.

Oh hello.

I asked what this “compound butter” entails. Apparently is changes regularly (which sucks for all of you because mine was delightful). Our butter was kind of spicy. Not entirely sure what was in it, but I would highly recommend this quick $4.00 starter. Noms.

For the main course, I went with the Duck A L’Orange (fancy) and Zach had the Steak Frites Au Poivre.


The steak was delicious. Perfectly cooked, with a really savory sauce. I stole so many bites I felt like I had two entrees. There was a bit of a kitchen mixup and my duck ended up coming out later than the steak. Not a huge deal, but the staff bent over backwards to make amends. Our server was incredibly apologetic despite our insistence that all was well. On top of that, they brought us a complimentary side dish, which ended up being one of my favorite things that night. #potatoblessings

The Pomme Puree – code for delicious mashed potatoes 

Once my duck came out, I was really happy with it. There was A TON of duck. I would describe it as duck two ways.

Duck. Obviously,

One part of the duck was basically sliced duck breast (as seen above) and the other was a bone-in, roasted half duck. I preferred the sliced duck. It was so tender and delicious. I felt like I was eating a dish described in Game of Thrones. Quite royal if I do say so myself. The bone-in duck was a bit drier than I like and just didn’t have the flavor of the sliced duck. Regardless, this entree is a solid bargain for what was ultimately a weird amount of duck.

Overall, Royale was a super cozy and delicious spot complete with good wine and great food. Go for the steak if you’re looking for a good twist on a standard entree. I’ve also heard great things about their daily features, so make sure to give them a try. Tip: get in for an early dinner if you want the feature. They were sold out of the Lamb Shank (Thursday Special) when we snagged our late dinner.

To top off a great meal, we opened our leftovers the next day to an awesome surprise dessert from our waitress. Another complimentary gift to make up for the late duck issue. Loved it.

Red with his best Sarah McLachlane commercial impression. Not foolin’ me pup.

The dessert turned out to be a Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart. Despite that it sat in the fridge all night, the hubs and I basically fought over it. The crust was still crunchy and the peanut butter filling was fluffy and delicious.

Cheers to this new spot. Can’t wait to go back and try something new!

/ LuLaRoe/

Okay people, bear with me while I go off the shop local message briefly to discuss supporting our friends, sisters, chick in your book club, lady you just met at the grocery store, but really like, etc. I’m always getting invites to come to a party for whatever it is my friends and family are trying to sell. Most recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of these requests from LuLaRoe. Before I write up my review on some of the products, let’s just all agree that supporting our fellow ladies (and men) in their pursuit of running their own business is a noble cause and, despite not being traditionally local, is nothing to feel guilty about.


My LuLaRoe stuff came from some fab ladies, Lysa & Roxi. They have a ton of awesome inventory and are incredibly sweet.  You can check them out on Instagram at @lularoelysaandroxi + shop with them online on Facebook here

LuLaRoe has been popping up on my feeds constantly. As I’m sure many of you have heard, this brand got its start in leggings. Rumor has it that wearing these leggings is like wearing nothing at all. Let’s face it, we all want to leave the house without wearing pants. Unfortunately, that is frowned upon. Why not try the next best thing and throw on these leggings? Here’s a real life photo of me in the jungles of Raleigh demonstrating the comfiness of the leggings.

Attractive I know, but I just couldn’t keep my hands off ’em. 

I looked at the Instagram pages of a number of fashion bloggers for fabspiration in taking these pics. I am absolutely not a fashion blogger, so taking photos of myself is not second nature. Let’s work through this together and kick things off with the Amelia.

Hello back zipper! 

This dress was one of my faves! I loved the stretchy fabric, but tailored look. I wore this to my office, which is fairly formal, and completely blended in. PLUS IT HAS POCKETS. Need I say more?

Before I get too off brand, here are some shots of the leggings. People absolute love the wild legging patterns and you can get tons of different styles from various consultants. I felt like I could do yoga in this pair, and easily get away with heading straight to brunch (God, I’m so basic. Send help).


Next up, is the Nicole. I would describe this dress as feminine, and somehow both flowy and polished. I wore it again today and it really moves with you. I felt like a ballerina (without any of the grace or skill). I also love the vintage pattern of this Nicole. It looks a bit gothic when I wear it with black and a little gypsy when I wear it with beige. Super versatile. My only complaint would be that it fits everywhere else, but seemed a little snug on the arms and chest.



I was initially a little uncomfortable in the Ana dress, a form fitting maxi, but it really grew on me. I liked how the sleeves and scoop neck balanced out the rest of the look. I would probably want to snag this one in a more solid tone for everyday wear, but I ended up really liking it. As with most of the items available, this stretchy fabric can’t be beat.


Someone else also liked the Ana maxi… Showstealer.

The next thing piece I tried was the Jill skirt. Although the pattern wasn’t quite my style, I loved the feel and freedom of this one. It just felt right to throw on some cute sneaks and fling about.


I really like rocking the Jill skirt + Classic Tee below. The Jill is LuLaRoe’s take on a pencil skirt: the same stretchy fabric you love, but with the dressed up feel of a pencil skirt. Not too stuffy, but not too casual either. I dressed it down with the Classic Tee. If you are on the hunt for a perfect tee, here it is. Snag it in every color. It fits in all the right places, is long enough to cover your leggings booty, and goes with just about anything!



Next, I tried the Randy T. I LOVE this style of shirt. I find that this style (which I usually refer to as a baseball tee) is really flattering on me. It hugs in the right areas and hides anywhere with a problem. Cheers to you Randy T. Loved this grey and pink combo on this one. Sometimes if I wear this style of shirt I feel a little too masculine, but in the right colors it definitely feels more feminine. Also went with the topknot. Just cause.

The last item I tried was The Irma. The Irma was one of my absolute faves. This is the perfect thing to wear with leggings, especially if you’re a hard “no” in the are leggings pants debate. This top gives you tons of coverage in the back, with plenty of coverage in the front as well. The sleeves and chest area are incredibly flattering. Also if anyone is wondering, I liked these pics of me the best! Redheads in green you guys, It just works. Why do I try to fight the system by wearing black all the time???


*All of the necklaces in these photos are Peppertrain. These necklaces are local and handmade. If you follow me on Instagram you see me raving about them constantly. Shop Peppertrain here.*

Overall LuLaRoe Impression: comfortable, versatile, well-fitting. Things run a bit large, so I would recommend sizing down. Don’t forget to use your LuLaRoe consultant for sizing questions. They know all. Lysa and Roxi were awesome in getting me the right sizes and styles. Your consultant is your friend!

Hope everyone has an awesome DTR week. I’ll be heading to the NEW Vidrio on Friday to check it out. Can’t wait for some delish mediterranean food. Blog post to come.





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