// Unleashed / The Flourish Market //

This week in DTR has been full of heat and lightning. On the heat front, this weekend doesn’t look much better. Stay cool. Both literally and figuratively.

/ Unleashed City Market / 

2016-07-09 12.14.33

I know ya’ll are getting sick of my shop local message, but I will continue to annoy you with it, and hashtag every single photo with that motto. Deal. We typically think of shopping local for us humans, but guess who else needs to shop local? That’s right, your children. Sorry, let me be more specific, your fur children.

A few weekends back Zach and I had an always delicious breakfast at Big Ed’s in City Market. We were looking to walk off the meal, when we stumbled into an adorable local pet store. Check it.

Unleashed City Market is part of a local chain of pet stores that offer high quality food, treats, and toys. All the products are all-natural and chemical-free.  Basically, if you care about the health and happiness of your (fur) baby, this is the place for you. As a side note, you can often find me stopping on the way home from work on a Friday night to pick up all-natural, organic, grain treats for my dog, while purchasing a frozen pizza and a gallon of ice cream for myself. I’d say this is pretty standard for most human-animal relationships. Maybe we’ll balance each other out? Probably not though.

Short story long, we had a great time picking out some delicious treats for the Notorious RED. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I definitely recommend this place, especially if your buddy has a particular ailment. The staff will know how to help and what to recommend.

They have a huge selection of treats and you can mix and match your own in a takeout container for a flat rate. They stock really good toy brands as well. Red instantly chews any toy he gets, but we’ve tried a number of the brands they carry and they’ve held up surprisingly well.

Tons of natural dog foods and chewy treats. Red is awful about getting a rawhide or some other chewable treat and eating the whole thing, which really messes with his tummy. This time we picked up a bully stick. He loved it all the same and they’re easily digestible. Highly recommend for the dog with no self-control.

2016-07-09 12.42.04
Not seen in photo: Tail wagging a mile a minute.

On the way out we had to pick up one of the fresh dog cookies. I believe it’s made with gingerbread and applesauce. All safe for the pup. And actually probably okay for you to eat if you also have no self-control. I don’t know your life.

We snagged a few different kinds of treats, but these salmon strips have been a favorite. They smell awful (see picture on left of Red unable to sit due to the overwhelming urge to rip through the bag and teach those salmon a lesson).

It’s cool to have yet another great local business to support. I’ve been there once and I’m already starting to get that superior dog owner feeling. Love it.  Unleashed has locations all over Raleigh. Get more info here.

/ The Flourish Market / 

Before I jet, I want to shout out to one of my favorite local/global businesses here in Raleigh. I say global, because The Flourish Market works with artisans all over the world to provide dignified jobs and fair wages to artisans and makers in vulnerable communities.  When I say shop local, this doesn’t apply just to DTR. This applies to our neighbors and local craft makers all over the world. No one puts this idea into practice better than this truck.

The Flourish Market is an online boutique and fashion truck (like a food truck, but less grease) that spreads good all around Raleigh.

2016-07-04 15.04.41

Emily started out working in a fancy VP of Communications job, but left it all to start traveling the world to do good. Amazing story. Find out more here. Now, you can shop the inventory of the online boutique or physical fashion truck and support people all over the world. The idea behind this truck is that everyone can help, whether through volunteering or spending power, there’s something you can do to support vulnerable communities.

I shopped the market’s inventory at a blogging event in June. This is quite possibly one of the only situations in which you can spend money and feel super good about yourself.

2016-07-22 06.55.02

2016-07-22 06.55.26

  • T-shirt: Threads for Thoughts
  • Necklace: Uganda
  • Earrings: India

This t-shirt is easily the most comfortable thing I own right now. It comes from Threads for Thought. Shop it here. I believe the necklace was made in Uganda. The beads are made from recycled paper. I can’t find the exact same one, but shop a similar style here.  The earrings are from India. They go with everything and wear them nearly every day. You can buy a pair of your own and learn more about them here. You can also snag a pair in rose or silver.

Looking for a good time to shop the truck? Glad you asked, most of the time, you can find it on social media or the website, but for this weekend, check out my weekend recommendations.

// Freakin’ Weekend //

Awww yeaaaa it’s here. Check out my recommendations:

Saturday is THE day for events in Raleigh this weekend. Check it.

  • Yoga at Raleigh City Farm: Donation-based class from 8-9 a.m. at Raleigh City Farm.  More info here.
  • Destination Dix: The must-do event on everyone’s list this weekend is Destination Dix, the one year anniversary party of the city buying Dorothea Dix park from the state (yay us!). Raleigh Agenda wrote an awesome write-up on this event. Check it out here. Should be a great one.  Tip: check out Trophy Maywood from 12-4 for a Destination Dix party. The Flourish Market will be there! 
  • Raleigh Brewing NeighBREWhood Party: Head over to Raleigh Brewing from noon to midnight for live bluegrass and the pre-release of Dear Ole’ Dixie Pale Ale. Giveaways and swag abound. Get more info here.

Zach and I will be at Destination Dix for sure. Can’t wait to enjoy another Raleigh filled weekend! Cheers.



One thought on “// Unleashed / The Flourish Market //

  1. Unleashed looks like a cute place for dogs and cats. Did you try the dog cookie? I’ve been hearing people talk about the Flourish Market. I love that it’s mobile.


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