// 42 & Lawrence / 4th of July //

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I want to rewind to two weekends back when we were without that pesky day they call Monday. Well, we had it, but it was significantly improved by no work. And freedom.

Check it.

/ The Works on Fayetteville / 

This was Zach and I’s first 4th of July in Raleigh and we had a blast. We’re lucky enough to live downtown, so we spent the day bouncing back and forth between our apartment and the festivities. Naturally, we kicked off our patriotic celebration of all things #merica with some food.  We headed over to Tasty 8’s for a fun variation on a healthy and nutrient-filled American classic: the hot dog.

2016-07-04 14.08.52
Good things come from this place.

2016-07-04 14.25.43

I’m a bit fan of Tasty 8’s for a lot of reasons. It’s reasonably priced, it serves up delicious gourmet hot dogs, and, in two words, milkshake Mondays. That’s right, on the worst day of the week you can pretend to not hate your life and snag BOGO milkshakes. I highly recommend Mama Wells’ Tasty Treat (Peanut Butter, Fudge & Banana) or Kermit’s Revenge (Peanut Butter & Maple Bacon). Both delicious.

2016-07-04 14.34.18
Noms alert.

For this particular day of nomming, I tried the Chicky Chicky Bahn Mi, a chicken apple sausage topped with Bahn Mi mayo, cilantro, pickled carrots, cucumbers, and jalapeños. It was a perfect combo of the hot dog and the Bahn Mi. I loved the spicy jalapeño with the cool mayo and cilantro. Delish. Zach had the National (#godblessAmerica), a brat with pimento cheese, fried okra, and chow chow. Perfect selection for celebrating this great country. I had to fight Zach for a bite of it. But don’t worry. I got a bite.

After fueling up, we headed back out to Fayetteville Street and checked out some of the festivities. Future tip: this is a great event for kids. The fun branched off onto the side streets with children’s carnival rides, giant slides, and crafts. And, for adults, lots of cools vendors, plus a beer garden.

2016-07-04 14.54.57
Packed house in DTR

There were a lot of shows going on throughout the festival, including performances from Cirque de Vol, Gouge Wrestling, BMX stunt performers, and tons of concerts. A great day to be downtown.

After wandering around for a bit we retired back to the apartment to hang with Notorious RED. We headed back out around 9:15 for fireworks. I was really impressed with the fireworks. There was a live band jamming along to the show, which made it feel even more America-y. You may notice I have no pictures of fireworks. Can we all agree that actual pictures of fireworks look like garbage? In person, they’re amazing. In an amateur photo, everyone takes the same picture of sparks behind a smoky film. Unless you are the photographer for the Disney fireworks show, they just look awful. (This rant brought to you by my inability to take even a single decent picture of even one firework.)

2016-07-04 21.10.57
I did get a nice pic of the band though.

Overall, another great day downtown. If you want to head to this event next year, remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I would recommend heading to the festival later in the afternoon, grabbing dinner at a restaurant or food truck, then picking up dessert or a drink and posting up for the fireworks. If we didn’t live downtown it would have been super inconvenient to come downtown for lunch and then back for the fireworks.

I’ll just leave you with this.

2016-07-04 15.42.38


/ 42 & Lawrence / 

As part of our July 4th celebration, we headed into a new local coffee spot, 42 & Lawrence. This spot is brought to you by the same people that bestowed Larry’s Coffee upon us undeserving plebes. As expected, the coffee is delicious. As an extra bonus, the atmosphere is one of kind. Keep your eyes peeled for a clean and cool aesthetic, with unexpected quirkiness.

2016-07-04 15.19.54

For coffee, I ordered the draft latte. Like it sounds, this is a latte that comes straight out of a tap, like a draft beer. It is really hard to describe, but it’s really just an insanely creamy latte. Like if Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce stumbled on this place, the level of creaminess would blow even their minds.

2016-07-04 15.20.37

I also tried the nitro coffee. I’ve had a few run ins with nitro coffee in the past, and none of them were positive. It’s always seems like an aggressive club soda version of coffee to me. This nitro was on point. It was not overwhelmingly carbonated, but it still had the little edge to it. I topped it all off with a sample of the kombucha. Honestly you guys, someone needs to teach me in the ways of kombucha. All I know is it’s a more delicious green tea.

2016-07-04 15.33.59
This kombucha had me at fresh rosemary.

I cannot wait to head back to 42 & L (feel free to run with the abbrevs) and try everything else on the menu. In addition to coffee they will also be serving fresh-pressed juice. Nothing but good things from here.


/ Tidbits / 

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Goodnights Comedy Club. I headed there with some friends on Friday night and saw three awesome comedians. Laughs were had by all. I tend to forget that Goodnights is hiding over there (no surprise, but I never get much further than Trophy…).

2016-07-08 21.57.48


1. Don’t heckle or talk during the show. The comedian will call you out and we will all laugh at, and not with, you.

2. Sign up to get text alerts from Goodnights. They want to fill up the seats, and if it’s not full, you could snag free tickets.

3. Each ticket comes with a two item minimum in the showroom, meaning each person should order two items during the show. BUT this rule is not heavily enforced. Just make sure people at your table are steadily ordering some items and you’ll be fine.


Cheers to another week in DTR!


2 thoughts on “// 42 & Lawrence / 4th of July //

  1. I hadn’t heard about 42&L! I’ll definitely need to check it out. Coffee, kombucha….mmmmm 😀 And draft latte?? I’ve got to try that.
    Also I had no idea about the text alerts from Goodnights – good to know! Definitely signing up for that since my fiancé is a comedy nerd 😎

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