// Six pack here I come //

My thoughts while trying out the NEW zucchini fries at PDQ. I operate under the assumption that if I eat vegetables once I week I’ll look like Emily Ratajkowski. Not so, but what can you do?


Last week the fabulous folks at PDQ invited me to get a sneak peek of a new menu item: zucchini fries. Check it.

Before sampling the product, we got a tour of the facilities. My office is about a mile from PDQ, so we lunch there regularly. The tour was super informative. I know what you’re thinking, how exciting can a tour of a quick service restaurant be? My answer: don’t knock it ’til you try it. Fortunately, PDQ gives “fresh tours” all the time. Even you, lowly civilian, can get an inside look at the facilities and see exactly where your buffalo bleu tenders sandwich (with ranch on the side, duh) comes from.

2016-05-10 18.35.02

If you ever eat at PDQ you’ll recognize this wall running alongside the line. Each plaque represents a business that has supported PDQ over the years. I mostly use the wall for supporting my body weight while I wait for my tenders, but I thought it was a fun fact.

2016-05-10 18.40.09
In the back. Like a PDQ VIP. 

I was impressed with the cleanliness of the whole facility. None of PDQ’s food is ever frozen. All of the salads are made by hand, not taken from a package. The sauces are made fresh daily.

Two extremely important stations: this tower of fries that I wanted to roll right out of there and the milkshake station. I had the distinct honor of making my own milkshake. Kind of a big deal.

On to the zucchini.

2016-05-10 18.46.55
Here is where the fries are pressed and cut. The zucchinis are from a local farm. Yay local!
2016-05-10 19.07.04
The final product. 

The fries were delicious. Nice and crispy. You almost forget that you’re eating a vegetable (almost). Definitely recommend giving them a try. It’s a great way to cut down on calories for the summer while still getting that french fry feeling.

I’ll close this segment with some post-fry sass.

2016-05-10 18.19.14
You’re welcome.


// Raleigh Raw //

I have to brag on one of my new favorite spots in town, Raleigh Raw. Zach and I headed to the grand opening a few weeks back and I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness. My favorite thing is when a new business moves into downtown that fits a niche perfectly.  I know Raleigh Raw’s focus is fresh pressed juice, but I they have SO much more to offer that we didn’t have downtown before.

First, a delicious matcha latte. I know, I’m the MOST basic. I got hooked on matcha lattes when my sister introduced me (she’s my latte dealer) and now I crave them on the reg. I probably have a few months left before I have to file bankruptcy due to this addiction, but like most addicts, I think it’s worth it.

The next menu item I’m pumped for is poke (pronounced poke-ay). Poke is a raw fish salad that usually features tuna or some type of shellfish. Noms. Super fresh and mostly healthy.

Finally, kombucha. I honestly don’t know what this is, and I have never had it, but wikipedia tells me it’s a tea of sorts. I’ve seen it discussed on Broad City and I know it is incredibly trendy. So I think it is a good item to have downtown.

Check it.

2016-04-02 11.26.10
Not a huge healthy juice fan, but this beet-based juice was delish.

Are we in Manhattan or Raleigh? I’m honestly not sure sometimes and I love it. The grand opening was really stellar. Nothing like a DJ at 10:30 a.m. to get your day off to a solid start.

2016-04-02 11.29.52
I think the hustle I fueled on this particular day was sitting on my couch and watching the Sopranos. 


Love the “locals list” where you can check out the local farms and businesses that contribute to the menu.

Can’t wait to try everything on this menu. Head in to grab a juice, latte, check out some local art, and snag some poke.  Also, make sure to follow them on Instagram. They play a “name game,” where if your name is featured you get 50% off a menu item. Pay attention to the name listed in the comments of all their photos. (I’m sure it will be Lindsay any day now….wink….wink….)


// Yoga at Crank Arm //

Before I jet, I have to give you guys the heads up about an amazing weekly event at Crank Arm.  This morning my friend Amanda and I headed over to the brewery for some morning yoga. You can sweat our your Saturday shame at 10:45 every Sunday morning. $12 gets you an hour and fifteen minutes of yoga + a 9 oz. beer. Excellent.

2016-05-15 10.48.45

Hope everyone has a great week in Raleighwood. I’ll be heading to my niece’s high school graduation in Georgia this weekend. Cray.

Cheers ya’ll.


10 thoughts on “// Six pack here I come //

  1. You had me laughing from the start – six pack for sure! Those zucchini fries were amazing. We’ve driven past 2 more times going to swimming lessons for my son and it’s taken some serious will power to resist hitting the drive thru for more. And yoga + a beer? Sounds like a winning combo! I need to check out both of those downtown options.

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