// Is it worth it? Let me cirque it //

I put my thing down flip it and reverse it. Realized about halfway through aerial yoga at Cirque de Vol that “cirque” rhymes with “work.” Spent the remainder of the class putting the word into rap songs. Started with “Work It” by the queen herself, Missaayyy.

Over the weekend Zach and I spent all day Saturday on Person Street. Blog post to come on that adventure.

Before I get into the thick of it… I have an exciting announcement to make… I’m hosting my first giveaway! Yay for free stuff. I’m hosting a giveaway for two VIP tickets to the Raleigh Food and Wine Festival. The RFWF, as the cool kids call it, is happening from May 19-May 22. During that time, participating businesses will host events at their restaurants/bars. You can get more information on all the events and specials here.

The tickets you’ll be able to win are for the big dance – the Sunday May 22 tasting event. VIP ticket holders get in early on Sunday AND get a signature cocktail to kick off the party. Awwww yeaaa. Enter the contest below. A winner will be selected at random.

If you’re not feeling so lucky, you can buy tickets for Sunday’s event here: http://www.raleighfoodandwine.com/purchase-tickets-to-sunday-tasting-event/. Tickets for last years event sold out over a week before hand so get ’em while they’re hot (and, you know, available).

Don’t forget to follow Raleigh Food and Wine on social media so you can stay updated with all the festivities. Follow on Twitter at @RaleighFoodWine and everywhere else at @RaleighFoodandWine. Can’t forget about that hashtag son. #RFWF

 Enter to win here:  online form.

// Hadley’s //

Last week Zach and I headed to the new Hadley’s for dinner. As most of you know, Hadley’s moved into the Borough’s old space. The Borough was a downtown staple for years, so, needless to the say, Hadley’s has pretty big shoes to fill.  Check out their Facebook page here.

We headed in for some sammys on Tuesday night. Check it.

2016-03-22 19.16.41

2016-03-22 20.02.40
Too bad I instantly suppressed all those years of piano lessons…

2016-03-22 19.29.19

We started with the bruschetta. It was fresh and delicious! We followed up with some sandwhiches. I had the cuban. It was pretty good, but very mustardy. Zach had the muffaletta and he enjoyed it.

2016-03-22 19.36.14
The Cuban. 

The mushroom side dish is cold. So be aware of that if you order it! I was not. It was weird.

2016-03-22 19.17.09

Overall, this is a fairly good sandwich and soup spot. I would definitely drop in for a drink on the weekends. I’ll be interested to see what some of the die hard Borough fans think!


// Cirque de Vol //

On Thursday night I made the adventurous decision to try out aerial yoga at Cirque de Vol, an amazing downtown circus, fitness spectacular (my words, not theirs). You’ve probably seen Cirque de Vol performers out and about town. They usually show up at all of the local festivals, like Artsplosure and SPARKcon. One of the performances I always stop to watch is the aerial silk artists. They climb up what appears to be insanely slippery fabric and perform daring feats! It is fantastic.

Like any reasonably individual, I wanted to try it for myself (on a smaller scale of course). Spoiler alert: my upper body strength is virtually nonexistent. I took the more relaxed approach to aerial silking and started with the combination yoga class. Let me just say that this was incredibly fun and I CANNOT wait to go back. Check it.

2016-03-24 17.51.52
Located right next door to Cafe de los Muertos on Hargett.
2016-03-24 19.06.03
You WILL feel like you’ve run off and joined the circus. In a good… non-carnie sort of way…

Basically, the class focuses on incorporating silks into your yoga practice. It gives you some new and fun stretching and balancing techniques. One of my favorite parts was being upside down. First off, cool anti-gravity perspective. Secondly, it just makes you feel super talented even when, like me, you are not.

2016-03-24 19.02.47
Post class – still got a smile on my face!
2016-03-24 17.54.52
Good example of someone with some experience who’s actually good at the class!

I already can’t wait to go back for another class. Click here for a list of other workshops/classes they offer. It looks like you can sign up for some intensive workshops. They also have options for the kiddos.

Before I go… I have to tell you about the beginning of the class where you just sort of hang in your silk and let it engulf you. If the apocalypse goes down… you can find me hiding in a silk pod.

2016-03-24 19.03.03
Back off. This is my silk pod.


// Freakin’ Weekend //

So many activities going down in DTR this weekend! April is North Carolina Beer Month. What a time to be alive and living in downtown Raleigh.

  • Kick off the weekend on Friday at Crank Arm Brewing for Casks on Fools. The party features casks from over 20 breweries. Get more info here.
  • Keep the party going on Saturday at the World Beer Festival. There is nothing better than hanging out at a festival on a gorgeous day. Get more info here.
  • If you are looking for something a little more family friendly for the weekend, check out the 18th Annual Lebanese Festival on City Plaza. FREE admission. I’ll be hanging out there on Saturday. Came for the free. Stayed for the food. Get more info here.
  • On Saturday night, keep the party going and head to see Ace Henderson at King’s Barcade. We saw him at Hopscotch last year and he puts on a great show. Admission is $10. Show starts at 10:00 p.m. Get more info here.

Cheers ya’ll!!


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  1. Haha now I’ve got Missy Elliott songs stuck in my head! I hadn’t heard of Cirque de Vol before, but I know a few yoga studios in the area that do aerial yoga and everyone I’ve ever talked to who have tried it before loved it. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it 🙂


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