// I could do that //

The opposite of what I was thinking during the sneak peek of two brand new exhibitions at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I headed to NYC last weekend for a girls trip with the ladies in my family. It was, of course, epic, but I’ve been catching up on work and recovering since! Onto the fun.


// North Carolina Museum of Art // 

I recently had the opportunity to take a sneak peek tour of the two newest exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

This was the best preview event I’ve been to up to this point in my blogging career (which has, of course, been nothing but glitz and glamour). The first new exhibit is Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The exhibit features 100 amazing pieces, all deemed “drawings,” including watercolors, drawings, and pastels. I know what you’re thinking, can watercolors and pastels be drawings? Apparently so! This exhibit is designed to expand your idea of what constitutes a drawing. As an expert in art (lie) I believe it did just that.

Here are some of my faves. Check it.

2016-03-16 11.23.58
Wow. What a stellar drawing. (Jk this is the just the sign at the entrance of the exhibit)

2016-03-16 10.00.51

There are good variety of drawings on display. The exhibit features a number of standard looking sketches you would expect to find in this type of exhibit and some interesting, colorful pieces that I was surprised to see in a “drawing” exhibit. You’ll find some lesser known artists and some heavy hitters, like Van Gogh and Matisse.

2016-03-16 10.10.24
This piece is by some hack named Picasso
2016-03-16 10.27.56
Absolute fave. This was the most eye catching piece (in my insanely humble opinion). 


The second exhibit I checked out was American Impressionist: Childe Hassam and the Isles of ShoalsLet me start by saying, this exhibit is gorgeous. Childe Hassam is considered one of the most significant American Impressionist painters. He definitely made quite the impression on me (So lame…sorry). This series showcases some of the hundreds of paintings Hassam created over three decades during visits to Appledore Island in the Isles of Shoals, a cluster of islands off of the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire.

The NCMA folks thought of everything. Check out the map and history of the area before you enter the exhibit.

2016-03-16 10.32.46

I’ll just let the art speak for itself.

2016-03-16 11.19.08

2016-03-16 10.43.18
That sunset though.

This is the first time since the 90s that this number of Hassam works have been exhibited together. Definitely a must see. Fun Fact: there are seagull noises playing throughout the exhibit. I was initially not a fan, but it definitely adds some authenticity. What’s crazy is that the seagulls recordings were made from actual seagulls on the Isle of Shoals. That’s authentic right there.

You can catch both of these exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of Art from March 19, 2016 to June 19, 2016. Trust me when I say my pictures, though well-edited, don’t do the art justice.

2016-03-16 10.28.54

Although this guy is real mad about the exhibits, I promise you won’t be!

// Big Ed’s // 

Zach and I had an extremely lazy weekend. It was rainy and cold in DTR and we took full advantage. We knocked out Daredevil season two on Netflix (so good!). We did venture out for a few meals (of course). On Saturday morning we headed to Big Ed’s in City Market for breakfast.

2016-03-19 10.56.40

I couldn’t, in good conscience, post this entry without including a picture of this enormous pancake.

2016-03-19 11.26.02

Apparently if you eat three of these in 45 minutes you get a t-shirt. So if you’re feeling particularly self-loathing, definitely stop by Ed’s and try that challenge (and send me photos).

Hope everyone has a great week in the 919. Happy almost Easter! If you’re looking for a good church to call home for the weekend (or anytime at all) feel free to head to Hope Community Church. There are tons of service options for every schedule.



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