// Boom Boom Pow //

Me in general this weekend. Hit it hard. Our main festivities took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Check. It.

// Provenance // 

I kicked off Saturday morning with brunch at Provenance, the new farm to table spot downtown on Moore Square. They focus on local, healthy, fresh ingredients and definitely lived up to that description. Their grand opening is TODAY! Hollaaaaa.

You can find Provenance tucked away under the Skyhouse apartments. Skyhouse is that really small building that is impossible to find in this bustling metropolis.

2016-02-20 10.37.09
It is well named. 

2016-02-20 10.37.26

I think Provenance will fill a good niche in Raleigh, especially during the week. They’ll be open for breakfast and lunch everyday. You order at the counter and the idea is that your food will get to you quicker. Our food came out quickly. Streamlined service and good food is hard to come by mid-week. I’m sure their dinner menu will also be delicious, but I base this solely on pictures. Literally judged the book by its cover.

2016-02-20 10.48.56
But first, coffee. 

Delicious coffee. Also, I see you pottery from Haand (made in NC!). For food, Zach had the “It’s Always Sunny,” complete with eggs, biscuits and gravy.

2016-02-20 10.55.53

I had the benedict. Let me just preface this benedict by saying praise be to he who puts the hollandaise on the side. Blessed be Chef Teddy.

2016-02-20 10.56.10
Yea. That’s fresh.

The benedict was super citrusy, with fried green tomatoes and fresh apples. Noms. I usually need to veg after eating a benedict, but I could function after eating this one. Very refreshing, light, and fresh. It’s almost like it was made up of ingredients that are good for you? Who knows.

Provenance is a great new addition to the DTR food scene. Can’t wait to head there for dinner. I heard that they’re going to do some course meals in the future, so, you know, for the blog, and only the blog (purely research of course) I will certainly check that out! If you work downtown go there tomorrow and support our new local restaurant family member.


// Bam at CAM //

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Bam at CAM. This was one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to.  Get this you guys.  G.O.U.G.E. (“Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment”) Wrestling started in the Raleigh bar scene and took their game big in 2006 with their first show at King’s Barcade. Now they perform (and wrastle) all over North Carolina.

Yesterday they had a show at CAM, our favorite modern art museum and rotating venue of awesomeness. I’ve officially seen art shows, Cashmere Cat, Lizzo, and wrestling at this insane place. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL BE NEXT.

Moving on.

2016-02-21 14.23.14

Just gaze upon this fantastic festival of spandex and body slams.

2016-02-21 14.56.32

This Otto (a.k.a. The Big Schwang) character on the right seemed to have a legit following. I went full bandwagon and cheered him on.

Also look at those kiddos in the bottom right photo. It was incredibly fun to watch these nuggets get into it, especially ponytail chick in the front row. She is a huge wrestling fan and loves herself some Otto.

We also caught a 3 x 3 title match between the luciadores. Fantastic. Viva la Mexico! Extreme! Those are just some of the things they told me to yell, so I did! It was very exciting.

2016-02-21 15.25.09

This was a great free event and I’ll definitely look out for them in the future. I mean, who doesn’t love a little gimmicks only grappling entertainment. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated as well.


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