// Big Fat Phony //

My thoughts while eating at the vegetarian/vegan Fiction Kitchen… and still feeling like my meal contained meat. For more of my reaction look here: Big Fat Phony.

// Fiction Kitchen //

Zach and I ate at Fiction Kitchen for the first time last weekend. Full disclosure: I’m a carnivore , but this place made me think I could actually be a vegetarian. Not only did I have the best plant-based dishes I’d ever had, but it is one of my new fave Raleigh restaurants.

2016-02-05 21.06.26
It’s almost like the city wasn’t considering photos when they put this pole here. Ugh. Life is hard.

First, let me say, if you want to eat here (which you should) for all that is good and decent in this world get reservations. This is a popular restaurant. We waited about an hour for a table on Friday night. Of course, we weren’t in a hurry and didn’t mind, but if you’re an in and out type of person, make sure you have your name down in advance.

Onto the delicious and healthy food.

2016-02-05 19.31.03
Perused the menu during our wait and enjoyed one of my fave local beers: Big Boss Aces and Ates

The chalkboard shows the local farms where FK (Yea I’m on abbrevs level now. Deal.) gets their ingredients. Love the decor: cozy, warm colors and dim lighting. Complete with year round Christmas lights.

// noms //

We started with the cornmeal fried oyster mushrooms tossed with spicy sweet chili sauce and root vegetable fries.

2016-02-05 20.09.00

Ya’ll. What in the what are root vegetable fries? I do not know. It sounds horrible. It was the opposite of that. Also, the mushrooms tasted like some kind of fried calamari and the sauce was the perfect mix of tangy and spicy.

For the main event, I had the Nori Roll with Sashimi Tofu. So fresh and so good.

2016-02-05 20.25.58
You may notice that for this photo I remembered I have a flash on my phone. #bloggerstatus

All in all, I am now a true believer in FK. Highly recommend. Even if you can’t imagine eating a full on tofu and seeds meal, just give it a chance.

// First Friday //

After FK, we headed out for some First Friday action. We hadn’t participated in the gallery scene for a while, so we headed over to Visual Art Exchange, 311 Gallery, and CAM Raleigh. Checkkkk it.


2016-02-05 21.13.38
Is it that obvious?

Definitely a great time at 311 Gallery and VAE. After looking at some cool modern art we headed over to CAM for even more, and to check out the new exhibit, Phil America: Failure of the American Dream.

2016-02-05 21.40.38

This powerful exhibit focuses on the homelessness epidemic. For his exhibition, Phil lived in “The Jungle,” a tent city near Silicon Valley. At the time, in 2014, it was the largest encampment of homeless people in the United States.

The exhibit showcases the tent Phil lived in, and other items he used.  There is a reel playing in the background of the people he observed while living in The Jungle.

2016-02-05 21.40.58

2016-02-05 21.41.02

Interestingly, Phil will live in the installation at CAM and share his experiences with museum visitors from May 4 through May 8. (Personal note: likely a cakewalk compared to living in The Jungle, but still a cool addition to the exhibit.) Head over to CAM until May 8 to check this one out.

// Port of Raleigh Grand Opening //

Finally getting around to posting some pics of the grand opening at Port of Raleigh.  Here you go!

2016-01-30 17.57.24
Port of Raleigh wrapping on the always amazing Videri chocolate bars!

Drinks from Whiskey Kitchen, coming to Nash Square this Spring!! Quick note about Whiskey Kitchen: one of the co-owners, Mike Thor, was in a terrible motorcycle accident in late November. He currently has no feeling below his neck. Fortunately, Mike is starting to gain some movement (learn more here in this article from the News and Observer), but it’s going to be a long road. If you can help out Mike in any way, head over to the Go Fund Me to made a donation. Click here.

// Weekend //

Love is in the air in Raleigh this weekend. I’ve seen SO many special Valentine’s menus. Make sure to get reservations.

One of my recommendations for the weekend is going down at Fox’s Liquor Bar. On Sunday night they’re hosting a showdown: “The ultimate Lover’s Quarrel.” They’ll feature a two-sided menu, on one side the lovey-dovey, and on the other, a menu dominated by bitters. They’ll have a DJ playing love songs and rage-filled anthems. Should be fun. Love that they’re paying homage to the lovers and the anti-lovers for this controversial holiday.

I’ll be heading to New Orleans for the weekend to reunite with some of my friends. Hope everyone enjoys another great weekend in Raleigh. Cheers!


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