// Bright Sunshiny Day //

Song in my head during today’s defrosting. Felt good to be able to take the Notorious RED for a walk today. I’d love to say I haven’t posted this weekend because I was so busy, but the snowpacolypse provided me a full fledged weekend of Netflixing, video gaming, and reading. Perfection.

Before we get into times when I was actually leaving the apartment, I want to give a quick shout to to Greenfront Furniture for supplying us with the perfect rug for our apartment! We had been looking around forever, but every large rug was approximately one million dollars. No so at Greenfront. Yay us.


// Red Sauce Dinner // 

Last weekend we took part in the fabulous red sauce dinner put on by Joule. By day Joule is everyone’s favorite brunch spot, but for these dinners it has transformed itself into an old school, Godfather-like Italian cafe. Check it.

2016-01-15 20.04.21
I think that’s a kinda hot Nic Cage? Please someone confirm this for me. 
2016-01-15 20.02.09
Is that Robert DeNiro in the background? Likely. 

The decor was cool and classic. And the food. No surprise here, but the food was amazing. Gaze upon it.

Best caesar salad evaaa + garlicky greens = veggies I can get behind.

2016-01-15 20.42.24

Our first entree item was enormous meatballs and sausages in a red sauce. We followed it up with a squash lasagna that was to die for.

2016-01-15 20.44.27

This dinner was a really cool way to experience Joule. The food was epic. Great time to grab a bottle of red and relax for a while.

Good news: you can still head to Joule next weekend and catch the last weekend of this special dinner. Get more info here.


// Port of Raleigh //

New and awesome DTRetail alert. I recently took the long hike downstairs (yes, this gem just went in on the ground floor of my apartment) to check out Port of Raleigh. The website describes it as “Modern and Timeless Designs from Far and Near.” I think that description pretty much does the trick, but I would basically describe it as, “What I want my apartment to look like.” It’s an aesthetic dream.

The owner, Ana Maria, is just fabulous. She seems willing to get items that people actually want, so if you go in and have a suggestion for something you want to see, I think she’d love to hear about it. I love a local business willing to give the people what they want!

Check it.

2016-01-09 14.24.15
Check out that reflection

2016-01-09 14.04.02

2016-01-09 14.10.35
^^  This stuff. All perfect. ^^
2016-01-09 14.13.17
The necklace on the bottom row, far left is on my must have list

Items on my wish list:

  • An adorable bar cart/side table that is tiny apartment friendly (like I’m talking super tiny apartment friendly. I basically reside in a tiny house).
  • As mentioned above, the geometric necklace with blue and black detailing
  • Stackable mugs
  • Adorable light blue planner (So I can buy it and never use it. It’s the thought of planning that counts).

Definitely head over to McDowell to check this place out and say hey to Ana Maria. Such a great spot to shop local and get a wide variety of items, from blankets and mugs to pens and jewelry. Definitely worth the trip.

// Freakin’ Weekdays?? //

Yea, I went there. Tomorrow marks the start of restaurant week! One of the most important weeks in any of our lives. Get the full list of participating restaurants here: FOOD.

I highly recommend making reservations where possible, since places tend to be a bit more crowded.

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming week. Really hoping we got winter over with this weekend, in one dose, in true NC form. Cheers!


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