// Deal with It / Freakin’ Weekend //

Deal with it: my thoughts while walking by nicely dressed brunch goers at Buku last weekend. I was sporting an extremely fancy pair of shorts and baseball cap.


Zach and I live about three blocks from Buku, but, sadly, we hadn’t been to their brunch until last Sunday. I feel that with a brunch buffet you have to go all in and be in a special frame of mind.

Fortunately, we were in just this type of state on Sunday after doing crossfit (jk we were actually at the book sale for three hours, but I was just as exhausted as if I had done cross fit…at least that’s what I imagine…never actually done crossfit).

Buku is decked out in full Christmas mode, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


2015-12-13 12.04.01

2015-12-13 12.04.06
The waterfall always looks like this, but I just love it.

/ The Food /

2015-12-13 12.06.15

I go hard at buffets. To get your money’s worth you have to either: (1) eat your weight in one item, or (2) try ALL the things. I’m more of a “try ALL the things” person.

With regards to Buku’s buffet specifically, I was super excited to try it. If you’ve never been to Buku, it’s described as “global street food.” A.k.a. little bit of everything. I’ve eaten both sushi and friend chicken at this place. Both delicious.

2015-12-13 12.11.56
I kicked off the Brunch with at the Belgian Waffle station.  The waffle (and toppings, obvs) ended up being one of my faves.

After this well-placed, blog-ready waffle, I became a hot mess and piled things on my plate.

Check it.

2015-12-13 12.18.13

2015-12-13 12.31.43

Top five items (besides the waffle station):

5. Fried Chicken

4. Roast Beef with Creamy Horseradish sauce

3. Curried Vegetables and Rice

2. Nutella Bars

1. Mac N’ Cheese

2015-12-13 12.28.06
Also shout out to Larry’s Coffee. Yum.

There was so much to try. I love the different stations. I didn’t even get around to trying the omelet station, but did check out the toppings. They had smoked salmon people. Adjust your weekend plans accordingly.

// Freakin’ Weekend //

In my opinion, the weekend before Christmas should be spent immersing yourself in relaxation and Christmas spirit. In less than a week your family will be asking you why you’re not married, when you’re having babies, or when you’re buying a house. IT’S NEVER ENOUGH FOR THEM. My response, “Oh, is the baby Jesus not enough for you?” Usually works.

/ Saturday / 

That’s today by the way. A little late on the weekend post, but I assume you are a flexible and understanding people.

Today from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Raleigh Beer Garden is hosting a Christmas Market. There will be over 30 vendors and local artisans. Probably not as good as heading to actual Germany for a Christmas market, but does anywhere in Germany have the largest draft beer selection? NO. Get more info here.

Head to Brew tonight at 7 p.m. to see Young Oaks, a local band, sing some original music, plus some Christmas tunes. Should be a relaxing evening to enjoy some good local music and your beverage of choice. Brew serves coffee and beer.

/ Sunday / 

Netflix. Sorry, I have nothing to contribute to your life on this day.

/ Monday / 

The go-to event for Monday is the opening of the new Trophy location on Maywood! This is a long awaited opening. Head over there at 3 p.m. (if you have the luxury of being able to head there at 3 p.m. on a Monday) and check out the new taproom. I’ll try to head over around 7 p.m.

If you don’t know much about the new taproom check out more info from WRAL  here. A lot of people have asked if they will also be serving their pizzas. I believe they will eventually. Looks like they’ll have food trucks for a while and then open up the restaurant. I’ve been dreaming of this opening for quite some time. Hopefully gone are the days of me having to Heisman a kind-hearted second grade teacher named Cathy who’s just trying to enjoy a nice dinner with her sweet cardigan-wearing friend Michelle. BACK OFF CATHY AND MICHELLE THAT TABLE IS FOR MY HUSBAND AND I.

Speaking of spreading Christmas cheer and love, if you need a Christmas service to go to, feel free to head to our home church, Hope Community Church for one of their 11 Christmas services, starting Monday night. Services run for an hour and they put on a great Christmas production. Get more info here.

Anywhooo. Hope everyone else has a great weekend. I’m looking forward to Christmas. We’ll be heading to Emerald Isle with my husband’s family. Can’t wait to watch tons of movies and read tons of books. Merry Christmas ya’ll. Cheers!



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