// Basically a Bond Girl //

My thoughts while hanging out at The Green Light, the sultry Boardwalk Empire style bar hidden behind a book case at The Architect Bar and Social Club. (Not making this up.)

// The Green Light //

We got into The Architect after hitting up a work party with some of our friends. Upon arrival, we felt a little old and a bit out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get my dance on, but we were classed up and not really looking to full on Hotline Bling. (Almost caved when Soulja Boy came on… not gonna lie…)

So when you get to the Architect, and if you want a change of pace, head over to the bookcase and grab a card from the official door guard. The card will have a phone number. Text that number and tell them how many people are in your party and when you hope to get in. (I know I sound like an old guy trying to tell you where he buried his treasure, but I promise it’s true.) After that, you’re officially on standby.

Once you get in… Let the feeling of being way cooler than you actually are wash over you.

Check it.

2015-12-04 23.46.17
Men in suits and dim lighting? Yes please. (Not to mention that classy sprig of greenery on the table)
2015-12-04 23.59.58
I had the Manhattan (right) and the boys had old-fashioneds (back).

The pictures are a bit grainy since I had to lighten them. I really didn’t want to use the flash and harsh everyone’s vibe. Guess you’ll just have to go for yourself to really experience this complete gem….

2015-12-05 00.00.03

Also want to go ahead and note that I’ve had the John Legend Green Light song in my head for the past four days. So there’s that.

// RISE //

Our main Saturday event was heading to the opening of Rise Cameron Village. The Cameron Village location is the newest of four locales for Rise, a biscuit and doughnut shop. This place requires little to no explanation, unless you’ve never had a biscuit or doughnut, in which case, just leave the blog now. Let’s just suffice it to say good things come from here and delve right into the photos.

We only had to wait in line about 15 minutes. Once we were inside I was practically salivating. We grabbed biscuits and doughnuts to go. The guy probably thought we were taking it home to a group of friends. Jokes on you guy, it was just for the two of us! We spent the entire day having a doughnut tasting (sounds classier than shoving our faces with fried dough).

I had the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit (as a small starter of course). It was DIVINE. Zach had the friend chicken and pimento cheese biscuit. It was unbelievable and I had total order envy. Per the usual.

To the nuts of dough!

2015-12-05 12.40.18
2015-12-05 13.06.12
The haul.

So here are the doughnuts we snagged (pretty much everything on special, plus a few go-tos).

// Top row (from left): Nutella icing, maple bacon. // Middle row: Pistachio, Strawberry Shortcake biscuit, Sprinkles, Glazed. // Bottom Row: Old Fashioned, Cheerwine Icing, Apple Fritter. //

My favorite was the maple bacon. I’m a total fool for candied bacon on desserts. It just gets me, ya know? Second place goes to the nutella icing. Also, surprising honorable mention award goes to the sprinkles. I’m usually not one for the basic, with the exception of a Krispy Kreme hot sign glazed. The sprinkle doughnut was one of the best doughnuts  I’ve ever had.

Apparently Rise has a solid rotating doughnut list. Can’t wait to go back and try them all.


// Ipreo Winterfest //

On Saturday night, after dinner at Garland (blog post to come!), Zach and I briefly walked down Fayetteville Street to check out the Ipreo Winterfest. Winterfest is the fun downtown carnival/concert/party kicking off Christmas/winter in downtown Raleigh.

The street were pretty packed and American Aquarium had just finished their set. There were tons of cool things to see. I’m really bad about decorating for Christmas and doing Christmasy things (wrap presents? Bake? Who am I, Martha Stewart), so this was the perfect way to really Christmas spirit it up.

2015-12-05 20.57.29

2015-12-05 21.01.13
This guy was my favorite. He was painting Fayetteville Street. All the while, the Home Alone theme song was playing. It was epic. Almost cried.

2015-12-05 21.02.38

2015-12-05 21.04.56
Christmas tree models, obviously. (or Sheraton… whoever will take us…)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.  I’ll be comin’ at you with the Freakin’ Weekend post in no time. STOP PANICKING.



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