Surprisingly fast

How I would describe the speed of the trolley pub when going down a hill of any size.

// Raleigh Rose Garden //

I kicked off last Saturday with what I thought would be the costume sale at the Raleigh Little Theater. Little did I know that the website was wrong and the date and day didn’t line up. Sunday, October 17, is not an actual thing. Oh well. It  still worked out well, since we got to, literally, stop and smell the roses.

The Raleigh Rose Garden is directly behind the Raleigh Little Theater. According to Raleigh Little Theater’s website, it’s one of three accredited gardens in the Carolinas. And as we all know, unless it’s accredited, it’s not a REAL garden.  There’s just something about an accredited rose garden that makes you feel more important than every person that has visit an unaccredited rose garden. BECAUSE YOU ARE.

Anyways, Saturday was the perfect day to take a stroll in the garden. Check it.

2015-10-17 11.15.19

2015-10-17 11.15.54

2015-10-17 11.16.13

There were people relaxing on hammocks under this terrace type thing. Love it.
There were people relaxing on hammocks under this terrace type thing. Love it.
Still roses in bloom. Only in NC.
Still roses in bloom. Only in NC.
2015-10-17 11.16.32
Narnia, or nah?

The rose garden would be a great place to bring the family for a day. There’s plenty of space for kiddos to run around. I plan to have a picnic there sometime. Because I’m cheesy like that you guys.

// Trolley Pub //

On Saturday afternoon our group of friends rode the Trolley Pub. Unless your living under a rock, you’ve seen these things all around town. I’ve been wanting to ride one forever and it did not disappoint!

The basic premise of the trolley pub is that you grab your buddies, some beers, and head out on an excursion around Raleigh. Spoiler alert: you peddle the entire time. The pub fits 14 people and we jammed it to the max.

Exhibit A (a photo I stole from the interwebs):


This day was fantastic. Saturday was GORGEOUS. Our group met at The Pit for lunch and then set out on our adventure. I want you guys to meet someone really important to me, our driver Zac.

That beard.
That beard.

Zac was the bomb. He took us to a bunch of cool spots. Although I suspect that he takes everyone on the fun hills, I like to think it was special and just for us.

I snapped this pic while careening out of control down a hill (jk).
I snapped this pic while careening out of control down a hill (jk).

We started out at Calavera Empanadas and Tequila, one of my fave spots (lookin’ at you Nutella empanada). Then we headed over the Level Up, the other barcade in town. I had never been to this one (Boxcar is right across the street from my apartment), but it had a different vibe that I enjoyed. It’s much smaller and cozier and they serve food (always a plus). Our third stop was Brewmasters. We finished out the day at Circa 1888 with some pool.

The trolley pub was everything I dreamt of and more. Perfect day. Great friends. Awesome driver. Overall stellar experience. I would recommend this for any event, or just a fun day. In my opinion, you don’t have to have a reason to celebrate to get out with your friends and grab some food and drinks.

2015-10-17 14.57.29
Maggie, Ruth, and Kristi enjoying the no peddle seat.
Outside of Level Up. Look at those smiles!
Amber and I utside of Level Up. Look at those smiles!

Don’t forget to tip your driver if you ride the pub!! Tipping is very important me. If you don’t tip the amazing waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and trolley pub drivers in this city, I will find you and I will fight you.

Hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as I did (doubtful, but it’s a nice thing to say). I’ll be back with my freakin’ weekend post in a few.


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