Freakin’ Weekend: Fair // Escher // Art it Up

TGIF ya’ll.

// The Ritz Raleigh // 

Had another fabulous Raleigh week. On Tuesday night we headed to The Ritz Raleigh to see Glass Animals. If you are looking for The Ritz hotel, you will not find it here. This venue is in a warehousey type area over near Big Boss Brewing between Capital Blvd. and Wake Forest Rd.

Once more, not the hotel.
Once more, not the hotel.

I have to say, I was little skeptical about the venue when we pulled up, but I loved it! We saw Glass Animals, an indie rock band from England. I would describe their sound as melty African beach fusion (feel free to use that description moving forward). They were even better live.

The opening band was Charly Bliss, a punky/grungy rock band from New York. First Song: hated them. Last song: on the bandwagon/looking at the merch table.

Charly Bliss
Charly Bliss – for those of you who cannot read the drum set
Glass Animals
Glass Animals
I'm a fool for a light show.
I’m a fool for a light show.

2015-10-13 22.07.02-2

I’m officially a fan of this venue. Tip: if you don’t want to hang out with the college kids (and maybe some highschoolers? I don’t know, everyone looked 12), then splurge for the VIP seats. The next concert I’m seeing there is The Wilderness Politics Tour: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, New Politics, and The Griswolds. Should be a great show.

// Mecca //

I’ve been at the Raleigh Convention Center for a conference all week. Since I got to be downtown, I was able to have lunch with Zach. We went to Mecca, as I had never been. It’s one my new affordable, go-to lunch spots.

2015-10-14 11.59.52

This restaurant is on about the same level of cuteness as the couple from Up. The restaurant was opened in 1930 by the Dombalis family.  They have certainly kept the old-time charm over the years.

2015-10-14 12.13.00
Old guy sitting. Where else can you see these type of sites in Raleigh??
2015-10-14 12.33.57
They say the cool people hang out upstairs… I felt like I haven’t earned the right to go up there yet. Maybe someday…
Rice & gravy, fried chicken, macaroni salad, and, MOST importantly, sweet potato pudding. DIVINE.
Rice & gravy, fried chicken, macaroni salad, and, MOST importantly, sweet potato pudding. DIVINE.

2015-10-14 12.34.43

2015-10-14 12.34.37

Head over there to support a great family-owned business and ABSOLUTELY try the sweet potato pudding.

// On to the next one //

// Fair //

The main (and obvious) weekend event is the kick-off of the N.C. State Fair! I’ll admit, I have a few gripes with fairs. I don’t much care for the fact that you have to pay a weird amount of money to get in and then have to pay to do basically everything. Regardless, I, like the rest of humanity, am a sucker for fried foods, a ferris wheel, and fireworks (and alliteration, apparently). I’ve heard a lot about one new thing for the fair this year: a deep fried peanut butter pickle. I say we go ahead and draw the line here guys. Don’t let the fried peanut butter pickle win (says the girl who ate, AND ENJOYED, the Krispy Kreme burger).

Check out the daily schedule here.

// Escher //

Saturday is the kick-off of the long awaited M. C. Escher exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The exhibit is titled The Worlds of M.C. Escher: Nature, Science, and Imagination.

The exhibit is comprised of more than 130 woodcuts and lithographs, as well as some works never before exhibited. You’ve probably seen the murals promoting this even around Raleigh. The exhibit runs until January 17, 2016, so you have plenty of time to check this one out.

2015-10-06 07.25.09-2

// Art It Up (or else) //

Hillsborough Street is having an arts festival on Saturday called “Art It Up.” Looks like there are going to be a bunch of great events. I’ll be checking out the costume sale at the Raleigh Little Theater, which runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Irregardless cafe is featuring a Jazz day, which should be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. No word on whether jazz hands will be included. I’ll be sure to let you know when I know more. Check out the full schedule here.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. We’re riding the Trolley Pub on Saturday. Blog post to come!

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