Busy Bee Beer Dinner

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s Raleigh Beer Week! That means tons of fun events and great team-ups between local restaurants and breweries.

Last night we hit up the Super Friends 2.0 Beer Dinner at Busy Bee, if you weren’t there, you just probably just give up on trying to have a good time this week (jk….kinda).

Busy Bee // Trophy Brewing // State of Beer

2015-09-21 18.45.19

This was our first beer dinner at Busy Bee, but they do them monthly. If you don’t know about Busy Bee, it’s a fantastic restaurant/ bar on Wilmington. Good things come from this place my friends (lookin’ at you loaded tater tots). It was clear from the food we had last night that their day-to-day menu only showcases about an eighth of the goodness of which Chef David Mitchell is capable. The owners of Busy Bee, Chris Powers and David “Woody” Lockwood, also own Trophy Brewing (best pizza in Raleigh – challenge me if you dare, I enjoy an easy win after a long day of work) and State of Beer.

The Menu

2015-09-21 18.47.17

There was a representative from each brewery. They mixed and mingled and then, when the glorious time came, gave a brief intro to their beer. The beers were incredibly rare and we were so lucky to get to try them.

2015-09-21 19.09.06

The Beers

  • Founders Spectra Trifecta Kolsch
  • Victory Saison du Buff
  • Anderson Valley Brine Melon Gose (we were the first North Carolinians to try this one!)
  • Terrapin Red Wine Barrel Aged Peaotch (four years old)
  • Bell’s Traverse City Whiskey Barrel-aged Porter (took the cake!)

The Food

This was one of the best course-style dinners I’ve ever been to. I’ll let the photos do the talking and I’ll just be over here dreaming about it.

2015-09-21 19.51.30
“Cacio de Pepe” house-made ramen noodles, bacon butter, scallop, pepper oil
2015-09-21 20.16.34
“Compressed Grilled Watermelon Salad” jalapeño, white balsamic, poached NC shrimp
2015-09-21 20.55.38
“Roasted Lamb Loin” leeks, mushroom ragout, red wine reduction

Chef Mitchell paired each course perfectly with the beer. Most of the ingredients were local and everything was fresh ta death.

The food, drinks, and atmosphere was unbeatable. You can see how much respect the different beer reps have for each other, and for Chris and Woody. The Victory Brewing rep knitted masks for everyone to get in the “super friends” spirit. That’s commitment ya’ll.

I wanted to be each of their best friends and hang out with them forever.  It’s just a testament to some of the fantastic business owners we have in Raleigh. The owners were at the dinner, helping their waiters and bartenders serve.  Can’t wait to hit up another beer dinner at Busy Bee…. also counting down (as always) to the next time I can stuff my face with loaded tots.

Raleigh Beer Week

If you missed last night’s dinner, there are still plenty of opportunities to get to a food/drink pairing event (although I doubt any will compare to what I had last night… just felt like I had to be honest here…). Still, check out the calendar of events here.

My tippy top recommendations (although you can’t go wrong I’m sure):

  • Buku Trophy Beer Dinner 3.0. Trophy and Buku colliding! Kill me now.
  • Raleigh Times Brunch

Get out there and show your support for our local breweries and restaurants, and enjoy yourself in the process. Win-win, as they say.

I’m heading to the mountains this weekend, but I’ll be back online with another post next week! Enjoy!


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